Vegetarian restaurants in Rome

Did you know that in Italy we can brag about a certain European achievement? About 10% of the Italian population, more than 6 million Italians choose to be vegetarians.. The motivations are for different reasons, thanks to the complicity of Mediterranean cooking, that permits captivating alternatives , putting Italy in first place, for lovers of a “green” table.

In the splendid and immense city of Rome and vegetarian restaurants, you can find many and for all different tastes. For a city used to numerous crowds, it knows very well how to indulge the most varied food requests: Vegan, vegetarians, but others who have food intolerance, for instance celiac disease. For this reason today, we will speak of some of the more appreciated and known restaurants in the capital and I assure you, we will not be speaking only of salads, but of true “elite” food.

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Rowena, food blogger in Rome

Today we would like you to meet Rowena, author, photographer and food stylist that is behind the Blog, Apron and Sneakers. In addition ,she also is a contributing writer on cooking and travel for SheKnows. an established site in English with an infinite amount of subjects that deal with
the feminine world.

Rowena will be our guest this Sunday and we can’t wait to have her with us at B&B Gli Artisti, in our colorful and fresh kitchen and above all, in our area. We asked her a few questions and these are her answers!

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Carnival in Rome, all the festivities

“After Christmas, it’s always Carnival”, it’s said in Italy, don’t you agree? This year Carnival comes late, it’s not at the beginning of February like last year in 2013. This year Carnival is on March 2nd, but obviously the events don’t occur all on one day. Lets’ take a look together and see where and how many events there will be in the Capital.


Fat Thursday this year, falls on February 27th, Fat Tuesday is March 4th and we can’t wait to embrace you and have you spend the most crazy month of the year in our company. Events, parties. markets and colorful and masked displays in these days, beginning at the end of February and the beginning of March, will have you running to dance in the streets of Rome. But more than these masks, which events are actually found in the city of Rome? Let’s take a look at them together.

Carnival in Rome, Festival

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Hours and visit to the vatican museum and the pope’s mass

It’s useless to deny it, one of the most Roman attractions in the last few months in Rome is not the visits to see the Colosseum, and not the events that happen in the moonlight, however it is seeing the new Pope.

After almost one year since his election, Pope Francesco has been able to increase the registration of tourists and the faithful, that not even an archeological discovery would be able to do. In addition to the fact that this Pope is a magnet for follower and non followers alike, as he is always extremely available, so much so that he often goes “off script” during his mass and in his comments

He is why so many want to come to Rome to see him and possibly touch him. In this post, we want to make a point of the hours of the Vatican Museums in 2014, and the hours of the Holy Mass audiences. Are you ready? Follow us!

hours and visit in the vatican, Vatican museum entrance

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The airports in Rome, how to arrive

One of the easiest ways to arrive in Rome, and to us, is by train. Rome is an important train hub in Italy and you can get there from any part of Italy with regional trains. For those who find a bargain or prefer to fly and come to Rome by airplane, here is how to get from the airport to the center of Rome , and to us at B&B Gli Artisti.

Fco airport, From the airport, how to reach us

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