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Hours and visit to the vatican museum and the pope’s mass

It’s useless to deny it, one of the most Roman attractions in the last few months in Rome is not the visits to see the Colosseum, and not the events that happen in the moonlight, however it is seeing the new Pope.

After almost one year since his election, Pope Francesco has been able to increase the registration of tourists and the faithful, that not even an archeological discovery would be able to do. In addition to the fact that this Pope is a magnet for follower and non followers alike, as he is always extremely available, so much so that he often goes “off script” during his mass and in his comments

He is why so many want to come to Rome to see him and possibly touch him. In this post, we want to make a point of the hours of the Vatican Museums in 2014, and the hours of the Holy Mass audiences. Are you ready? Follow us!


All the activities of Pope Francesco are listed on the official site, www.vatican.va .

We recommend that you visit this site prior to visiting Rome to see the activities of the Holy Father, which are not listed only week by week, but they inform his faithful followers of his last minute engagements.

Obviously, you understand why. To meet the new Pope other than all’Angelus in the square at St. Peter’s, there are public audiences.

The Prefecture of the Papal Home regulates access to the audiences that are always free, but entrance is made only with an invitation.

There are two ways to request an invite. Send a fax to 06 698 858 63 to the Prefecture of the Papal Home open weekdays from 9:00-1:00 pm and indicate which audience you would like to attend and how many participants will be attending, or you can request by ordinary mail to the following address: Prefecture of the Papal Home, 00120 Vatican City.


Regarding the Vatican Museums instead you should know that the last Sunday of each month has free access.

The last Sunday of every month is also the only Sunday where the Vatican Museum is open , along with the Sistine Chapel, not always open during the weekdays. To visit the Vatican Museum during free entry days is quite trying, not just for the river of people that winds around the building in a long waiting line, but logistically we are speaking the way in which they manage the crowd.

We personally suggest you arrive one hour in advance to entrance time. From Monday to Saturday , from 9:00 am – 4:00pm, the Vatican Museums are open, with the expected closure at 6pm.

The cost of the ticket is 16,00 euro, 8,00 euro ( reduced) for schools, 4,00 euro.

Here we have listed below, in an easy chart, the hours for the opening and closings of the Vatican Museum and The Sistine Chapel for the year 2018.



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