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From Venice to Navona Square

From the Imperial Forums, passing through the Venice Square (Piazza Venezia), you will arrive at the heart of Rome’s shopping area: Via del Corso, Via Frattina, Via Condotti, are the streets you should be looking for if you are a fashion lover. But there is more to see than admiring the clothes: a few meters from here you can find one of the legendary attractions of Rome, the famous Fontana di Trevi (Fountain of Trevi).


In the waters of Fontana di Trevi you can see the statue of Anita Ekberg in an evening dress as she played in the famous movie: “La Dolce Vita”. Besieged by souvenir shops, where you can go shopping and surrounded by palaces, it will surprise you with its beauty.

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The Colosseum and the Imperial Forums

The stage that many tourists are curious about when they visit Rome is definitely the Coliseum. Built in the year 72 a.C. at the order of Flavia dynasty, the Flavio Amphitheatre, which could host an audience of 150 000, was the stage for a big variety of games, such as animal fights and gladiators combats, but also more cruel events, such as beasts tearing convicts. From Coliseum, you can walk towards the majestic archaeological area of the Roman Forum, which was once the political, economical and religious heart of Rome.

Colosseum, Imperial Forum

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Vegetarian restaurants in Rome

Did you know that in Italy we can brag about a certain European achievement? About 10% of the Italian population, more than 6 million Italians choose to be vegetarians.. The motivations are for different reasons, thanks to the complicity of Mediterranean cooking, that permits captivating alternatives , putting Italy in first place, for lovers of a “green” table.

In the splendid and immense city of Rome and vegetarian restaurants, you can find many and for all different tastes. For a city used to numerous crowds, it knows very well how to indulge the most varied food requests: Vegan, vegetarians, but others who have food intolerance, for instance celiac disease. For this reason today, we will speak of some of the more appreciated and known restaurants in the capital and I assure you, we will not be speaking only of salads, but of true “elite” food.

eat, food, restaurant., rome, vegetarian, vegetarian restaurants

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Rowena, food blogger in Rome

Today we would like you to meet Rowena, author, photographer and food stylist that is behind the Blog, Apron and Sneakers. In addition ,she also is a contributing writer on cooking and travel for SheKnows. an established site in English with an infinite amount of subjects that deal with
the feminine world.

Rowena will be our guest this Sunday and we can’t wait to have her with us at B&B Gli Artisti, in our colorful and fresh kitchen and above all, in our area. We asked her a few questions and these are her answers!

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Where to eat the best cacio and pepe in Rome

Tonnarelli a Cacio e Pepe ( pasta with cheese and pepper) is to Rome, like pizza is to Naples, as a Prosecco is to Venice and as flat bread is to Romagna. So, coming to Rome without tasting a plate of this speciality is a crime! It’s as if you came to Rome and never saw St.Peter’s Square or tossed a coin in the Trevi Fountain.

We know that everyone, Romans, and those who come to study or for work, have their own special places for this dish. We at Gli Artisti can recommend 3 places, but we would love it if you would share with us your favorite place and maybe we could create a map of the best Tonnarelli in the city of Rome. What do you say, let’s start!

best cacio and pepe, where to eat cacio and pepe

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