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Carnival in Rome, all the festivities

“After Christmas, it’s always Carnival”, it’s said in Italy, don’t you agree? This year Carnival comes late, it’s not at the beginning of February like last year in 2013. This year Carnival is on March 2nd, but obviously the events don’t occur all on one day. Lets’ take a look together and see where and how many events there will be in the Capital.


Fat Thursday this year, falls on February 27th, Fat Tuesday is March 4th and we can’t wait to embrace you and have you spend the most crazy month of the year in our company. Events, parties. markets and colorful and masked displays in these days, beginning at the end of February and the beginning of March, will have you running to dance in the streets of Rome. But more than these masks, which events are actually found in the city of Rome? Let’s take a look at them together.

Carnival in Rome, Festival

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