Saint Peter Cathedral and Sant’Angelo Castle


A few steps away from our Bed and Breakfast you will find the Saint Peter cathedral and the Vatican museums. Here, you can admire the marvelous frescoes of Raffaello and Michelangelo, and an exceptional collection of art d’oeuvre gathered by the Popes along the centuries. Walking along the Via della Conciliazione (The Street of conciliation) coasting the Tevere, the mythical river that always accompanies life in Rome, you will reach Sant’Angelo Castle.

The Colosseum and the Imperial Forums


The stage that many tourists are curious about when they visit Rome is definitely the Coliseum. Built in the year 72 a.C. at the order of Flavia dynasty, the Flavio Amphitheatre, which could host an audience of 150 000, was the stage for a big variety of games, such as animal fights and gladiators combats, but also more cruel events, such as beasts tearing convicts. From Coliseum, you can walk towards the majestic archaeological area of the Roman Forum, which was once the political, economical and religious heart of Rome.

The Venice Square and Navona Square


From the Imperial Forums, passing through the Venice Square (Piazza Venezia), you will arrive at the heart of Rome’s shopping area: Via del Corso, Via Frattina, Via Condotti, are the streets you should be looking for if you are a fashion lover. But there is more to see than admiring the clothes: a few meters from here you can find one of the legendary attractions of Rome, the famous Fontana di Trevi (Fountain of Trevi). In the waters of Fontana di Trevi you can see the statue of Anita Ekberg in an evening dress as she played in the famous movie: “La Dolce Vita”. Besieged by souvenir shops, where you can go shopping and surrounded by palaces, it will surprise you with its beauty.

From the Spain Square to the Vila Borghese


You can’t leave Rome without taking a souvenir photo with the famous stairs of the Trinita dei Monti behind and the famous “Barcaccia”, the fountain situated in the center of the square, in the foreground. From the Spain Square, going down the Via del Babuino, you will arrive to Piazza del Popolo (People’s Square), a huge space, suited for Rome’s big events. Above the Square, facing the Pincio is a splendid view point from where you can admire the entire Rome and where you can spend a few relaxing hours, admiring the statues of big Italian personalities.

The Bocca della Verita (Mouth of Truth) and the Massimo Circus


You can’t resist the temptation of putting your hand in the Mouth of Truth. This mask, from the 1st century, is much known because it is said it has the power of forecasting things and of biting the hand of liars. The legend that hides behind this belief is truly remarkable and talks about an adulterous woman, who, asked by her husband to test the Mouth of Truth, managed to get out of this thanks to her shrewdness. The Mouth of Truth appears also in one scene of the movie “Roman Holiday”, where Gregory Peck, faced with an inexperienced Audrey Hepburn, pretends to have lost his hand inside the mouth.



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