Rowena, food blogger in Rome

Today we would like you to meet Rowena, author, photographer and food stylist that is behind the Blog, Apron and Sneakers. In addition ,she also is a contributing writer on cooking and travel for SheKnows. an established site in English with an infinite amount of subjects that deal with
the feminine world.

Rowena will be our guest this Sunday and we can’t wait to have her with us at B&B Gli Artisti, in our colorful and fresh kitchen and above all, in our area. We asked her a few questions and these are her answers!

” Apron and Sneakers is a site that tells of my experiences as a wife and mother of two great children.

It’s my virtual home where I share anecdotes of my life and where I develop recipes and discuss travel experiences.

I am 40 years old and I was born in the Philippines, where I lived for the major part of my life”14″ years ago, I decided to leave my family, my friends ,my degree in Economy and Commerce and my job, to come to Rome and live with the person I was in love with, who is now, my husband. Together, we have a passion for travelling and I try to transfer this passion to my Blog and my articles”

” My love of cooking was born in Rome, thanks to the teachings of my mother in law and the exceptional Italian culinary traditions.

In particular, I am fond of regional Sicilian cooking, rich in aromas and distinct flavors. To have become” Italian” didn’t make me forget my roots, the smells and flavors of the cooking of my youth. It has helped me to reinterpret and invent new dishes.”

Present and future Plans­ ” At the moment , I am busy developing some recipes for a culinary project in Paris, a Food Truck in the center of Paris that will offer dishes, italian inspired with certified quality. In August, I will find myself on the Ligurian Riviera and then next, the French Riviera for some articles for the website SheKnows.”

“Being passionate for food, I know very well on Via Cola DI Rienzo, the store Castroni, where I always come to visit.

I wouldn’t miss the chance to have a wonderful sandwich at the Paninoteca Ducento Gradi a Piazza Risorgimento , 3 and a delicious gelato at the Gelato Naturale on Via Baldo degli Ubaldi 77”


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