The Capitolini Museums

musei capitolini

The Capitolini museums were created in 1471 thanks to the donation of a group of bronze statues received from Pope Sisto the 4th. Successively, the collections were enriched by other Pontiffs with art oeuvres from Vatican, from the excavations of Rome or purchased for the museum like the Albani collection. The stories of the Capitolini Museums are exhibited in the 2 structures which together with Palazzo Senatorio circumscribe the the Campidoglio Square: Palazzo Nuovo and Palazzo dei Conservatori.

In Palazzo Nuovo, you can see renowned collections of busts of Roman emperors and philosophers, the Capitoline Venus, the statue of Galata dying and the magnificent sculpture of Marforio in the yard. The Palazzo dei Conservatori exhibits in the Appartamento hall, the original architectural core of the building, adorned with wonderful frescoes with the history of Rome and is enriched by ancient bronze “capitolini”: Lupa, the Bruto Capitolino and the Spinario. At the second floor, the Pinacoteca Capitolina exhibits works of great value, like the paintings of Caravaggio and the great painting of Guercino.



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