The Bocca della Verita (Mouth of Truth) and the Massimo Circus


You can’t resist the temptation of putting your hand in the Mouth of Truth. This mask, from the 1st century, is much known because it is said it has the power of forecasting things and of biting the hand of liars. The legend that hides behind this belief is truly remarkable and talks about an adulterous woman, who, asked by her husband to test the Mouth of Truth, managed to get out of this thanks to her shrewdness. The Mouth of Truth appears also in one scene of the movie “Roman Holiday”, where Gregory Peck, faced with an inexperienced Audrey Hepburn, pretends to have lost his hand inside the mouth.

A few meters away from the Mouth of Truth, you can see Massimo Circus, a huge space which was used by the ancient Romans as a space for festivities and for chariot racing ,and today is used for big concerts, jogging or a walk together with your dogs.



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