The Grattachecca is a Rome


AUGUST IN ROME: What can you do to cool off? Take a swim in the Tiber river?..No....go to a

pool in Rome? possible....but it is necessary to check the cost, they can be very expensive. So

then, we can tell you what we think is the best advice. If you find yourself in Rome, in August, get

yourself a "grattachecca " with us! So you don't know what that is??? Well,, let us explain what it


The most important thing is to not confuse a grattachecca with a sicilian granita ( .Granita in

English is slush/water ice). There is no comparison and only tasting it will you understand how

different a Grattachecca is from even the most famous Sicilian Granita.v


Rowena, food blogger in Rome

rowenaToday we would like you to meet Rowena, author, photographer and food stylist that is behind the Blog, Apron and Sneakers. In addition ,she also is a contributing writer on cooking and travel for SheKnows. an established site in English with an infinite amount of subjects that deal with
the feminine world.

Rowena will be our guest this Sunday and we can't wait to have her with us at B&B Gli Artisti, in our colorful and fresh kitchen and above all, in our area. We asked her a few questions and these are her answers!

" Apron and Sneakers is a site that tells of my experiences as a wife and mother of two great children.

It's my virtual home where I share anecdotes of my life and where I develop recipes and discuss travel experiences.

I am 40 years old and I was born in the Philippines, where I lived for the major part of my life"14" years ago, I decided to leave my family, my friends ,my degree in Economy and Commerce and my job, to come to Rome and live with the person I was in love with, who is now, my husband. Together, we have a passion for travelling and I try to transfer this passion to my Blog and my articles"


Vacanze Romane

Who hasn't seen the film, Roman Holiday? Who hasn't wanted to play the role of Audrey Hepburn as Princess Anne, to cut your hair and run away from all your royal duties and zip through the streets of Rome on a Vespa, between the Colosseum and Via Margutta.

If you stay at B&B Gli Artisti you can follow the same route on a Vespa, renting at Rent Scooter, on Via Germanico, 38 practically under our place. Their hours are 9:30-8pm and the cost to rent a Vespa 50cc is 60,00 euro with a discount if you also rent the next day . The number to call is
389 8969003 or 349 5334151.



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