Rome isn't a city like any other, and Christmas in Rome shows that as well.. While other cities show off one special thing, the lights, the tree, or a nativity scene a bit out of the ordinary, in Rome, it is possible to find tens and tens of decorations with different and unusual Christmas trees at every corner of its streets. And Rome is pretty big!!

So here we will take you on a little stroll through the center of Rome, leaving from B&B Gli Artisti, so we can see the most beautiful lights of the city for this Christmas 2013. As soon as you leave the Bed and Breakfast, we suggest that you go to visit the Nativity scene of Netturbini. Go down Via Ottaviano and you will arrive at Piazza Risorgimento, where the Christmas markets are found.

Before you get to St. Peter's square, at Piazza Risorgimento, you can find small wood vendor stands, about 15, where you can purchase Christmas items for gifts or souvenirs to bring back home. Here, you can also find things that are made by hand, which are always well received, because they are made with love and care.


The Nativity Scene of Netturbini can be found on the other side of St. Peter's Square. Once you have crossed the entire square, you will need to take the underpass to cross the busy street that runs along side of Vatican City. You enter the big door marked Number 5 on the street and immediately turn left. Follow the little street and in front of you on the right, you will find a door . Upon entering , you will find a large room with the beautiful nativity scene.

The Nativity scene is open all year long and the hours vary very little.. During Christmas, obviously it is visited more frequently than any other periods, but it is always worth seeing. The wood houses are decorated and furnished, and we must say, in a most precise and meticulous way.Another 10 houses , lit and filled with life like figures, depicted naturally as daily life was, in Palestine 2000 years ago. The true unique part, is that the stones used to built this nativity scene, come from different parts of the world, stones from Egypt,
from Texas and from Bari. Entrance is free.

PFollowing our journey, we suggest passing in front of Castel'Sant' Angelo.. It is a beautiful sight in any season of the year. Take Via Del Panico and then once you arrive at Via dei Coronari, you will be directly at PIazza Navona.


Piazza Navona has always been considered one of the most symbolic places to see the Christmas markets in the capital. This year , nothing has changed. Between the beautiful Fountain of Neptune and the two far ends of this large piazza, emerge dozens of wooden stands that sell decorations for the Christmas tree, nativity scenes, some sell games where you can win Christmas souvenirs from Rome, and finally you can eat the typical delicacies of Christmas, like sugared doughnuts.

After a ride on the Merry-go-Round and a waffle smothered in Nutella, you are ready to continue on our Christmas journey through Rome. Pass through the Pantheon and you arrive at the Galleria Alberto Sordi, passing by the beautiful lights on Via del Corso. as colorful as a rainbow., you enter and savour the most modern Christmas tree of Rome. Have a coffee or a cocktail, seated at one of the tables at the gallery. Here you can also do some shopping for gifts. Although the stores are mostly new and do not sell vintage or hand made items, you can still have a good time.


From the Galleria Alberto Sordi, we suggest you take Via del Tritone, and then go into the alley ways on the left, which are full of the newest stores and pubs.Just seeing them will make you want to stop and order a hot chocolate or something to drink. Continue walking until you arrive at Via dei Condotti, one of the most famous shopping streets in Rome. From here, continue towards the right and look at all the little streets until you arrive at the marvelous Spanish Steps.

During your travels, you will find many stores decorated for the holiday,, but not with Christmas trees and lights, but in realistic scenic effects, like the LED sequence of lights that are projected around the Christmas scenes, with reindeer and wrapped presents all around.Beautiful store windows, and not just because of the clothing, but of the way they depict the holidays.


At the Spanish Steps, take a moment to enjoy the famous stairs, to breathe in the fresh smell of Christmas and admire the Christmas tree , this year in blue tones, that stands out at the top of the stairway.



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