Rome, the eternal city, isn't just rich in art and culture, but also a magic Christmas atmosphere. Christmas in Rome is one of the most warm and heart felt holidays with stores gleaming with lights, tempting us to shop with their inviting shop windows.

You know,, when Christmas season approaches , the time to shop for gifts goes by so quickly, so for those of you who are super prepared or those who are last minute shoppers, we would like to offer some choices to you of some shops where you can find some very original gifts in Rome, for young and old. Little Big Town, in the heart of Rome, is the biggest toy store in Italy

It is a store that has expanded to four floors of the historic Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Generale at Piazza Venezia. Here you can find the most current stuffed animals, dolls , electronic games, accurate reproductions of the most loved cardboard animals, handbags, cups and jewelry for kids You can lose yourself in the variety of choices , even if you are not a child :)

For those who are looking for hobby shops and old time and modern day toys , a must see is Baby's Toys Store found on Viale XXI Aprile,56 Many collectibles, a kind and competent staff that know how to guide you through the store that is filled with tradition: a good 30 years' of history in beautiful Rome. Another establishment where you can find furniture and accessories for those little ones is "Berte'" Right in the center of Rome, (Piazza Navona,108) they offer many toys, old time and current day. The stores' atmosphere is extremely relaxing and pleasant, the assortment is refined and suited for less conventional gifts.


Always for little boys and girls, on Via Guido Reni,50 is L'Orso Dado: Games for early childhood, accessories, cloth and wood toys , very Retro, also all essentials necessary for design and color creativity.

We would like to add the first Tiger Store to the capital ,on Via Tuscolana,1252. The Danish brand comes to Rome , bringing its philosophy: Low prices, ideas and design quality products from furniture, gadgets, food and accessories. Tiger is a place to escape to, where exploration is the key word , without forgetting the fun of shopping. The products in Tiger are store brand, simple, colorful and with a Scandinavian touch. Not to find a gift idea there, is almost a challenge, especially if you are looking for gifts that stand out for originality and are affordably priced.

Starting with some stationery shops, there is Di Veroli. The brand name C'art , is a promise of something more,: toys, electronic objects ( in particular watches and alarm clocks) bags,office objects and multi use objects. In some cases, the prices are not moderate but that is due to the excellent quality of the products.

We introduce you to Too Much and you will understand immediately upon entering, it is a true temple of kitsch. This shop is a must see for lovers of furniture and all the useless but fun odds and ends. Too Much is never too much. Warning: It becomes an addiction :)

You can find this store on Via Santa Maria dell'Anima right behind Piazza Navona. There are two opinions: for many this store represents uniquely, the kingdom of Kitsch, for others instead, it is the Eden of Pop objects.

For you, the final verdict.... The master of originality and variety of products: it is truly a place that is unique in its category in Rome. Small and rich in imaginative gadgets that you will not find easily in any other place. Starting from action figures of Mother Theresa to the most bizarre iPhone covers, until you reach the second floor, dedicated to more risque objects, and then on the third floor you can find special household products which are fun and eccentric. Therefore, the charm and appeal of these useless things are difficult to resist, but let's not forget the presence of items that are truly useful, like small area rugs for the house, cups, wall clocks, tissues embossed with fun cartoons.

Babys Store roma

For those who want to catapult themselves into the world of illustration and comics. the Cart Gallery on Via del Gesu', 61 ( Largo Argentina) offers for sale , from one show to another, original charts by great craftsmen. Instead for those who prefer shopping malls for one stop shopping, we recommend without doubt, the shopping center, Porta di Roma, an impressive structure situated in the Porta di Roma quarter.. It is composed of two ample floors that host a large variety of stores and more. In fact the main part of the building is flanked by two buildings, Ikea Porta di Roma and Leroy Merlin.

An all around shopping center is led by Auchan, with authorized dealers for Wind, Cinema, QuikSilver, official Adidas store, but also brands such as Nike, Foot Locker, Energie, Apple and Decathon. Finally, the shopping center is complete with the addition of different pizzerias, restaurants, fast food, ice cream parlours, coffee shops and more.

The Centro Commerciale Porta di Roma ( The Shopping Center of Porta di Rome)

is located on Via Alberto Lionello,201 easily reached by public transport , but also has free inside parking.

Finally, for lovers of the deepest sensory sensations, we recommend a quick trip to Lush, to purchase any of the thousands of fragrances , beautifully wrapped as only Lush can do. Found on Via del Corso, 21,which is one of the most important shopping streets in Rome. In the proximity of the store outside, you can smell the notes of perfume that penetrate your senses from the display samples. Lush sells body products made from natural ingredients, not tested on animals, for those who want to take care of themselves, respecting nature. A true waterfall of emotions for the eyes and for the sense of smell.that accompanies this visit to Lush. A place to lose oneself, that would please anyone, lovers of the savage atmosphere linked to faraway places, where the bushes and wild plants grow on steep slopes that sprout in rough water and to the appraisers of old legends, to the search for tastes from ancient times by now, forgotten. The prices are a little high, but the experience is unforgettable.

Nothing is left to say other than to wish you Good Shopping , for a sparkling Christmas in Rome.



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