471100780 5b15f3db00 b-1Christmas is less than a month away and the city of Rome is preparing to adorn the squares ( piazze) and streets and even its' Christmas trees. Also this year, there are many Christmas markets in the historic center of Rome, that are getting ready to open in the first days of December, remaining open until January.

So then, here is an overall view to get to know the markets and to know which are the most beautiful, or where to find the Christmas markets of Rome and take a nice walk through them in December. Between the traditional markets , wooden boxes, lights, ornaments and scents of the traditional products, Rome is more than ever, in the Christmas spirit


In Piazza Navona, like every year, you will find the best of everything.. The market scene will be set from December 1st through January 6th. In addition to eating some delicacies, such as the traditional doughnut ( ciambella) with powdered sugar, chocolate and candyfloss, it is possible to find Christmas decorations, statues for the nativity scene, hand made items, toys and culinary treats. But also you can find useful and pretty gifts.

If you have never been to Piazza Navona during Christmas time, this is certainly the right moment.

During the period that the markets are open, as listed above, the hours are 10-1, every day, and during the holidays and pre -holiday 10-2



From December 2nd - 31st , in the center of Rome, the following Christmas markets are open:

- The market at Piazza Mazzini in the Vittoria quarter.

- The market at Piazza Verde in the Pinciano quarter

- The market at Piazza Caprera in the Trieste quarter

From November 30th, before all the others open, from 10-7, the Austrian Forum of Roman Culture opens its Christmas market which collects monies from sales and donates them to charity. In addition to this market, there is the Ice Skating rink and Santa Claus's house in the Christmas village in the Park Auditorium of Music, from Sunday, December 8, 2013 until January 6, 2014




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