Autumn is by definition, the season of falling leaves that create fun games on a colorful carpet. Autumn is one of the most pleasant periods to go for a walk between the rustling of the leaves that crunch under each step. In Rome ,there are more or less known places that contain this magical atmosphere, making the connection to nature more intimate, places where strolling or relaxing in this autumnal period are more special.

GIARDINO di VILLA VESCHI- At Villa Veschi, we introduce you to a very unique park, like the park, Giovanni Paolo I. The villa was created at the beginning of the last century by the Veschi family. of the same Veschi furnaces, situated in the vicinity of the villa and open to the public. Only the lower part was public, while the remainder was private property and not open to the public, well hidden in the dense forest of oak, pine and cedar trees that surrounded it. In the Villa Veschi complex, there was a church, neo-romantic, in brick, dedicated to the Madonna of Work, open to visitors. The park is rich in exotic and mediterranean essence and it is equipped with a pavillion of plants, decorated in mosaics. To those more romantic, we advise you to follow the main road where you can admire the lily pads, with basins enriched with sculptures and decorated facades. Continuing on this walk, you come to a farmhouse, where you will find a well cared for italian garden. The hours you can visit are from 7am until sundown.

PARCO di VILLA BORGHESE- One of the most noted places for a walk is the park at Villa Borghese with its' 210 acres of greenery. Other than the wish to take a walk in the Italian and English inspired gardens, you can satisfy your cultural needs, visiting the Borghese Gallery. The Villa Borghese Park takes up ample space in the heart of the city, from the Aurelian Wall and the new sections, Salario and Pinciano , dating back to the first years of the Twentieth century. Villa Borghese and its park, is one of the most important testimonies of landscape and artistry. Inside the park is a grouping of buildings, sculptures, monuments and fountains, awe-inspiring examples of illustrious artists of the Baroque and NeoClassical periods of art, elaborately surrounded by century old trees, lakes, italian gardens and infinite open space. Villa Borghese, today, in its unforeseen glimpses , recounts the splendor of times that were. The park is always open. 

If long walks aren't enough for you, or you want something different,we suggest a type of bar, that fortunately , you will find easily all over Rome: The Library/coffee bar. It is a type of venue that combines the desire to relax with pleasant reading. For whoever would like to experience the Library/Coffee bar in the capital or who would like to look for a pleasant place to spend some time flipping through the pages of an interesting book, we can note some of the more interesting places.

Libreria caffe TRA LE RIGHE- So, if you have decided to immerse yourself in the pages of a book, letting yourself go on a literary adventure, the place for you is the library/coffee bar, Tra le Righe ( between the lines). A real true oasis of peace and tranquility that allows you to relax while drinking a cup of tea, a hot chocolate or a glass of wine, leafing through a book or chatting with someone. You can have a vast choice of Italian or foreign fiction, without forgetting about the small publishing houses and young authors. There is also an area dedicated to children's fiction books, with afternoon readings and design courses. Tra le Righe, on Viale Gorizia, 29 in Rome

The Library/coffee bar TUMAS BOOK BAR. You can find this bar in the San Lorenzo area, where you are able to comfortably refer to books on exposed shelves or you can bring your own books from home, to enjoy along with a hot cup of tea or any other beverage. The available books are more diverse, from fiction, words of wisdom, to show business. And to also stress the fact that you can find new and used books, for better prices. New offers from small publishing houses, where you can discover new interesting authors. What stands out also in this library/bar are the other events they do there , thanks to the PA system ,video projector. and the raised platform stage. You can find TUMAS BOOK BAR on Via dei Sabelli, 17

IL CAFFE LETTERARIO, This library/coffee bar, is probably one of the biggest in Rome. Other than sales, it offers the opportunity to consult books in dedicated space reserved for reading. The coffee, you can find in the center, in its open space . It can be a bar, tea room, or restaurant, according to the hour of the day. Its strong point is surely the decor and the set up of the space that hits you right away. Some areas are dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary furniture design that are for sale. Another star is the music, which creates an interesting atmosphere. It is literally an environment of decisive character. The tables, sofas, sitting rooms are positioned laterally, at the counter and on stage, where they often have great musicians emerge. The cocktails are creative and delicious. Il Caffe Letterario offers other services, information and advice, an online catalog, video point, loans of documents ( books and audiovisual) , loaning of books between libraries, WIFI internet service , different cultural activities and book promotions. You can find il Caffe Letterario at Via Ostiense, 95 in Rome.



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