When we decide to take a trip, when we decide where we are going to spend the weekend and who we are going to spend the weekend with, there comes the all important question, Where are we going to sleep?

Often we trust the well known sites, sites that have their flaws, and yes, they have them! For starters, it isn't said that they give the best price. Often , on those sites for the facilities, you can find offers for specific rooms, or a determined amount of days stayed. Offers that could interest us, instead are brokered and we can't find them.

An example? Once I booked a hotel in Brussels, on the site Booking. After having booked the hotel,a few days later , I couldn't remember the precise address and date I was staying there and I was preparing my itinerary for the trip. I went to check the booking I made on the site. Browsing the site, I found , for the weekend I had planned my trip, a price which was only a few euros more, for a very nice room,, complete with bike rentals for the entire time. There it is, a realistic example of how I could have had more service, paying practically the same price.

I relate this example to you, only to make you understand that the sites without brokers don't always describe this correctly. In fact, here is why , from today on,we want to give a welcome , together with you, to our NEW BOOKING FORM, DIRECTLY ON FACEBOOK!!


In the last months, we have decided to concentrate much more, on social networking, and in particular, on Facebook, and to dedicate more time on this site that also will allow us to reach more people. Because once you are on Facebook and you find us, should you have to leave the site in order to book? This is what we have asked ourselves, and not finding a valid reason for why you should be inconvenienced, we have decided to BRING OUR SITE DIRECTLY TO YOU, on Facebook!

The two forms that you will find on the social network, visible in the photo , above,offer the possibility to book, to request availability for specific dates, but also to see the the selection of booking packages and offers. It seemed to us, and excellent idea to make it even easier and faster, for your booking and travel plans,to give you the possibility, in a few easy steps, to make your dream come true, that is come to Rome :)



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