The Grattachecca is a Rome


AUGUST IN ROME: What can you do to cool off? Take a swim in the Tiber river?..No....go to a

pool in Rome? possible....but it is necessary to check the cost, they can be very expensive. So

then, we can tell you what we think is the best advice. If you find yourself in Rome, in August, get

yourself a "grattachecca " with us! So you don't know what that is??? Well,, let us explain what it


The most important thing is to not confuse a grattachecca with a sicilian granita ( .Granita in

English is slush/water ice). There is no comparison and only tasting it will you understand how

different a Grattachecca is from even the most famous Sicilian Granita.v


The Grattachecca is prepared from a block of pure ice, shaved finely like snow, from the center

of the crystals, where there is only water. The granita speciality, typically Sicilian, creamy and

whipped, is ground/shaved ice made partly of sugar water and aromas.

sora mirella

The Grattachecca is a Roma speciality, but not everyone knows that .When you think of Roman

cooking, it makes one think of dishes that are a bit heavier, and thats because it is partly true.

Even if they are delicious, something lighter goes better with the summer heat.

The recipe for Grattachecca is extremely easy. It is in fact, made from ice, syrup, sugar and fruit.

From all of the places famous in Rome for the best Grattachecca, we can tell you of one not very

far from us at B&B Gli Artisti.: Sora Mirella, You can find Sora Mirella on the Lungotevere degli

Anguillara. Try the Grattachecca made with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Let us know how it

seems to you!!!




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