September is still a great month to visit Rome and spend the afternoon in one of the most beautiful parks in the capital. In the vicinity of Gli Artisti, you can find some of the most beautiful and green parks in Rome.

VILLA BORGHESE- One of the most famous parks in Rome, maybe the most famous, above all for its' expansive size,only after Villa Doria Pamphili and Villa Ada. In Villa Borghese , it is possible to spend an afternoon, even an entire day, walking in the park, going for a run,going around the park on the lake in row boats, or admiring the Museum and Galleria Borghese , all inside Villa Borghese. It is possible to visit one of the most important art galleries of Rome and see the sculptures by Bernini. You can find Villa Borghese on foot in 25 minutes, from B&B Gli Artisti.


villa pamphili

VILLA PAMPHILI- A huge park which expands to more than one zone of Rome,about the size of 9 kilometers in perimeter. Inside the park, you can find Villa Algardi,where from the terrace you can admire one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Rome. In Spring and Autumn, when it is not as hot, you can go around the park on bicycles, discovering the park on different travel paths. You can get to Villa Pamphili on foot from Gli Artisti in about an hour, , or you can take the metro from Ottaviano and the bus #33 at the battistini stop.


VILLA ADA- Villa Ada, is one of the greenest and richest parks environmentally, With its expansive size, you can admire cypress, pine, dwarf palm trees and have fun thanks to the skating rink, gymnastic trails and pony rides.A place that brings joy to everyone in the family. Villa Ada is a green area for the city of Rome, and even if it is a bit further away from B&B Gli Artisti, in respect to the previous mentioned parks, you can get there easily by public transportation.. If you go by foot, it is about 50 minutes, passing Villa Borghese, with public transport, you take the metro, at Ottaviano ( 2 minutes from Gli Artisti), in the direction Anagnina and at the second metro stop , Flaminia, you will take the tram towards Montebello and after 3 stops,in less than 30 minutes overall, you will arrive at Villa Ada.



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