In our first post of our Blog from B&B Gli Artisti wants to explain to you the reason for the new layout. Not only is this a new Blog, but also a new site with a new way to book
From today, B&B Gli Artisti will leave the old way of doing business with a broker and instead have a more "human and real rapport" with its' guests.

Let's begin this new adventure with an interview with the owner of the premises, Alessandro, who probably most of you already know!

Having only 5 rooms, I said to myself why not try? And so, a few months ago I began all the bureaucratic and technical procedures until this idea came together and brought us to where we are now.

The initial idea, to abandon the Brokering, as in Booking , for an example,, was what made it easier to lower costs to our guests and improve the service.
The money that I "saved" with Booking and Co,, well, I decided to reinvest it in the premises, to guarantee a better rate, but not only that.

My first intent was to offer better quality to our guests and to have them book directly with me, and not with an impersonal ,cold automated website without a human touch.
In particular, I asked myself why should these giant sites use the name of B&B Gli Artisti to book rooms for my clients, while making them spend more money than I would want them to.

In the end, booking like that , even if you have used the booking site previously, you believe you are already booking on the premises, when in reality, it is not the case.


The idea came to me after a trip I went on with 2 friends, about 10 years. All of us had recently ended relationships , I was about 25 years old. You can imagine how we all felt.

On this trip, other than talking about our disappointments in love and comforting each other, every once in a while an idea would come up about what to do to change our lives.

I was open to anything and it was during this trip that we slept in a "house with everyday people", by now, a famous B&B.

It is here, that a lightbulb went off in my head,to create a place like that in Rome, comforting and welcoming for everyone.


Alessandro De GennaroThe more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.

So, I returned to Rome after the trip, and right away I started to research an apartment to rent. It was a difficult period in Rome, and no one really understood this "strange thing" fact they would say to me " a WHAT? Brek? :)

The house was found, I did all the work to turn it into a B&B, 3 bedrooms and 2 shared bathrooms.
When I opened it , it was not on that famous portal, but after 5 years, I put it on Booking.

The idea was to do more work during the slow season and even then, the BIG guys still didn't help with the bookings during the slow season, and when it was high season, they booked up , leaving me no possibility to book myself, directly.


Before anything, I ordered new mattresses for the beds for the B&B, 25cm high and soft and comfortable, some being made of memory foam For the guests, I put drinks and snacks at their disposition all day.

I foresee putting SKY in the rooms, obviously included free with the booking package.

In the moment, I foresee these modifications, but I also know that each traveller has their own needs, and so I try to listen to each one of them to know what would best serve them, and how we could better their experience.
Here is why I invite all my friends, dear clients and new guests to all help me to improve anything that would make them feel that their stay was not only "one night and then leave", but that they stayed one night , and it felt " like home"..



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