Where to have tea in style in Rome:Babington

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Babington in Rome: Where to eat in style


For those in Rome who just can't give up their English tea,we recommend Babington, in the heart of the eternal city, precisely at The Spanish Steps. Exactly under the most famous steps in Italy, on the right ride of the stairway,is where you will find Babington, a noted tea room in Rome, and not only for its prices.

Let's specify, in fact, that this place is not for everyone, and it is not seen as a touristic hang out like other places. You go to Babington only to have good tea, to have brunch or have an aperitif. Consider the fact that there is nothing under 15,00 euro a plate.All can enter to have a look around, but few stay there to eat or have a spot of good tea,

So why is Babington so famous in Rome? And above all, what do they serve that is so marvelous that it attracts tourists that want to eat well in a corner of England in the heart of Rome? Read on..


Babington Tea Shop was founded in 1893 by Isabel Cargill and Anna Maria Babington, two British women from good families who came to Rome with the intent to open a tea room, when tea was still bought only in pharmacies.

This tea room today is a treasure to discover and to share with only those who appreciate its true beauty. Tea cups in porcelain, an atmosphere from the old days and a name that stands out: Babington is a place of history in Italy.


At Babington, you can order breakfast, an English breakfast that stands out, poached eggs, scrambled eggs with smoked ham, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, in addition to toast with butter or homemade orange marmalade, cappuccino, tea or coffee.

You can also order tea ( the rest of us are here for this) , accompanied by some special and unique desserts, like : cupcakes,cheesecakes but also orange cake, apple pie and individual small cakes. It is no doubt, a place to try. Teas you have never tried before, because obviously, it is their speciality. Go and discover them alone :) It will be worth it!

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