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Where to have tea in style in Rome:Babington

on Sunday, 27 April 2014. Posted in Food & Drink

Babington in Rome: Where to eat in style


For those in Rome who just can't give up their English tea,we recommend Babington, in the heart of the eternal city, precisely at The Spanish Steps. Exactly under the most famous steps in Italy, on the right ride of the stairway,is where you will find Babington, a noted tea room in Rome, and not only for its prices.

Recipes for Carnival In Rome

Written by Federica Piersimoni on Sunday, 02 March 2014. Posted in Food & Drink


Everyone likes Carnival, some because you can dress up as you like, others because its the occasion where you can eat all kinds of sweets without feeling guilty. The traditional Roman sweets are not that different from other regions. Maybe they have different names or they change one small ingredient, but for the most part, you can luckily find the same sweet treats in Rome, just like in the rest of Italy. Let's look at them together and make your mouth water!


Written by Federica Piersimoni on Thursday, 06 February 2014. Posted in Food & Drink

Among the most romantic cities in Italy, other than the beautiful Venice, or the charming Florence,we are a little ( but only a little) bit partial to mention the city of Rome. Even with its easy going and always happy feeling ,Rome knows how to hide behind its ruins or in the glimpse of Trastevere, between the cobble stoned streets and the ivy on the red houses, leaving a splendid view.


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