Rome isn't a city like any other, and Christmas in Rome shows that as well.. While other cities show off one special thing, the lights, the tree, or a nativity scene a bit out of the ordinary, in Rome, it is possible to find tens and tens of decorations with different and unusual Christmas trees at every corner of its streets. And Rome is pretty big!!

So here we will take you on a little stroll through the center of Rome, leaving from B&B Gli Artisti, so we can see the most beautiful lights of the city for this Christmas 2013. As soon as you leave the Bed and Breakfast, we suggest that you go to visit the Nativity scene of Netturbini. Go down Via Ottaviano and you will arrive at Piazza Risorgimento, where the Christmas markets are found.

Before you get to St. Peter's square, at Piazza Risorgimento, you can find small wood vendor stands, about 15, where you can purchase Christmas items for gifts or souvenirs to bring back home. Here, you can also find things that are made by hand, which are always well received, because they are made with love and care.



This New Years Eve in Rome, offers many occasions and ways to celebrate 2014, and to also celebrate the last months of 2013. What are the newest ways to celebrate a Roman New Year this year? There are many! Especially in the Piazza's, where for the most part, you can spend the holiday, in respect to private holiday parties where you must book in advance and leave a deposit in advance. So, let's start from the Piazza's, which are practically for every Roman, the city's public living rooms, where you can spend time after dinner and well into the midnight hours.

Hundreds of millions of people already can't wait to pour out into the streets to participate in the free shows and concerts, that go long into the night of fun and folly. For New Years Eve 2014 in the Italian piazza's, in this case specifically in Rome,not all plans have been made clear. But in the meantime, we will try to give you more information, to make you come spend it with us :)



The mega concert for New Years will be in Rome, and unfortunately , the piazza still has not been decided. The news is not official, as we said and we will have to give your further info once we get confirmation. However, we can say that there are two possibilities, The Roman Forum or Piazza San Giovanni. There has been talk of artists for this mega concert, such as Malika Ayane, Niccolo' Fabi, Nina Zilli and Daniele Silvestri, J-Ax and Chiara Galiazzo.

In between the other parties, we would like to mention another one, not too private, but highly recommended, called Amore. After a 4 year break, they will return to the New Years Festival, that will bring artists and DJ's that represent best, the electronic music scene.

The festival lasts not one day or one night, but three full days. It begins on Sunday the 29th at 5:00pm and ends on January 1st. A very big event that should not be missed if you are passionate about music. The final list of artists for December 31st, is about a good 30.




Did you know that in Italy we can brag about a certain European achievement? About 10% of the Italian population, more than 6 million Italians choose to be vegetarians.. The motivations are for different reasons, thanks to the complicity of Mediterranean cooking, that permits captivating alternatives , putting Italy in first place, for lovers of a "green" table.

In the splendid and immense city of Rome and vegetarian restaurants, you can find many and for all different tastes. For a city used to numerous crowds, it knows very well how to indulge the most varied food requests: Vegan, vegetarians, but others who have food intolerance, for instance celiac disease. For this reason today, we will speak of some of the more appreciated and known restaurants in the capital and I assure you, we will not be speaking only of salads, but of true "elite" food.




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